About Adrenalin HIRT + Mark F

Welcome to Adrenalin Hirt, 

We created Adrenalin Hirt because we believe that High Intensity Training is the number one way for PT's and Group Trainers to get maximum results in only 20/30 min of training. With over 20 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry and delivering various exercise routines to our clients, we have found that Hirt Training gives our clients the best results in Strength, Fitness and of course Fat loss.

As a PT or a Group Fitness Instructor this type of training will give you the edge in getting results for your Clients. This hands-on approach to High Intensity Training will take your Training to the next level, we work on the EPOC method of Training and therefore we are getting great results with our clients.

Adrenalin Hirt will show you how to do this as a one on one session or as a Group, with music or without music. Earlier we said that this is hands on... Get ready to Train like you've never Trained before, your first hour with us will be a Hirt session and not just one but two back to back (Strength and Cardio) this will give you the best understanding of what your Clients will be experiencing when you give them the Hirt workout.

Are you ready to take your Clients Results to the next level? 

About Mark F.


When I started in the Industry high intensity training was left to the big-time athletes like footballers, fighters and anyone that competed on a National or International level.

Today, over 20 years later high intensity training is the number one way to Train. The benefits for both the client and the trainer are a win win combination. With this type of training becoming the number one choice around the world, I decided to do some research on how we can show Trainers how they can benefit from learning some key points on how to put together a program that will have their clients getting results and giving that trainer the edge that will keep them that step above all others.



High Intensity Resistance Training


Bootcamp level 1 & 2

Grit/ Aims level 1