Episode 1 The Hirt Locker Grit Cardio by Lesmils

In this week’s episode of the Hirt Locker we have a look at how a HIIT Cardio session is done by one of the big names (Lesmils). I know what you’re saying right now…. Why Lesmils? Let me explain, now take away any hang ups you may have about the Name and just look at the type of training that they deliver, it is in great format, explained what you are dong throughout the whole session, the session also meets the HIRT LOCKER standard when it comes to High Intensity Resistance Training. The standard I’m referring to is the Type of Coaching that is necessary for any type of High Intensity Training, therefore Adrenalin Hirt was created. We will show you these coaching technics that you can add to your already successful PT Training Business and give you that edge over your competitors.

Also the course will run for 8hrs over 1 day for 5 CEC points and the name is Adrenalin Hirt.

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